Relativity Revisted


One of the most enlightening episodes in my entire life was the moment Einstein’s relativity finally clicked in a cascade of epiphanous ecstasy. Before that moment, I would discuss relativity as though I had a reasonable grasp of the topic. However, the space-time warping basis which underlines relativity just did not compute and I was forced to simply accept the facts with no further thought of their ramifications. It was not until my early twenties that I revisited the life and works of Albert Einstein, being at somewhat of a crossroads in my own life and seeking inspiration from arguably one of the most inspiring figures in recorded history. As I read several articles about Einstein’s life and his attitude towards certain trends in science and society, his humanity and humble spirit became evident. The fact he was passionately curious and did not care in the slightest for fame and fortune or material misgivings. “Each possession I own is a stone around my neck”.

The moment the penny finally dropped, I was trying to imagine what Einstein often pondered as a youth:- What happens if one could catch up to a ray of light. I pictured how the surrounding space warped and time dilated as I approached light speed. It required letting go of my no longer valid, indoctrinated mechanistic ideals regarding space and time. Suddenly as the truth became as clear as daylight, I dropped out of the default mode network of my mind and was bombarded by an onslaught of understanding as though downloaded directly from a higher plain of intelligence.

The Newtonian mechanical perspective states that space and time are fixed or ‘absolute’ entities and that gravity is a force acting instantaneously between objects possessing mass.

Einsteins relativity toppled this long held view, implying that space and time are not absolute but relative entities and that gravity is curvature of space time caused by mass.




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