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THE HARD PROBLEM : -How does something as immaterial as consciousness arise from something as material as matter – David Chambers/The primacy of consciousness

Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognised
• First it is ridiculed
• Second it is opposed
• Third it is regarded as self evident
Arthur Schoepenhauer

Consciousness is in everything.Everything is in consciousness.
We’re always one tenth of a second behind reality – as the light and process have to be computed by the brain -Everything we know is an experience in the mind.
Experience is an in-forming of consciousness – in-formation is the creation of form and thought in the mind. Knowledge is structured in consciousness – the stuff of our experience is mind stuff which gives rise to all the different experiences. Kant, that which is perceived and then phenomenon- the form in the mind. We never the forms in itself. MAYA – illusion, delusion. We delude our self when we think the thing in the mind is the thing itself. You read these notes – the is no notes, its a light reflected from the screen triggering a quality that arises in the mind, the same as sound, vibrations which form something in our mind. The world is nothing like our experience. We miss-take experience to be an actual world. We have only a perception of reality. The mind experiences qualities which are purely offspring of the mind itself. Matter is 99.999999 % empty space. Electrons are probabilities, whatever matter is it is not made of matter. Matter as we know it exists in the mind. It is all belief. The only certainty is consciousness. The material we know is appearance in the mind. Matter derides from mind not mind from matter.

Kant : Space and time are the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct its experience of reality

The fundamental revolution will ALWAYS be in the mind

Quantum (amount) theory ( quantum of action) Light comes in discrete packets of energy. Action is momentum x the distance travelled. The golden principle being that action is always the minimum, or how do you keep action to an absolute minimum. The constant is not energy. Manifestation is action.

Light has no space, doesn’t know time, doesn’t know mass. Consciousness is not mass or material. Pure consciousness that stir the mind up, yoga is the stilling of mind stuff. You arrive at a state of consciousness in which time drops out, it is boundless, no spatial boundaries. Pure consciousness is the same as light. Doesn’t know space or time. Light and time are coincidence. Space and time collapse from lights point of view, it didn’t travel. From lights on point of view, ours is perceived. it doesn’t need to be a wave or particle as it doesn’t got anyway. Sensory forms are constructs of the mind, they don’t apply to the external world. Consciousness forms the material world. See and then believe. Same with causality. Causality is a construct of the mind. We think in a casual way, doesn’t mean the external world happens in a causal world. It is a non local world. Its weird when we insist of thinking that the way we experience it is the way it is. Between these two there is light, it is the first manifestation of the absolute. The light of consciousness, the inner light, seeing the light!!
How does consciousness for matter. Earth moon stars revolve inside me. The world is inside me. We have the experience of the world in our mind and think we are in the middle of it. In fact it is within us. Experience, this happening by quieting the mind down, Detach yourself from the story. Its happening in the light.

What do we mean by i, who am i, what is the self. Do we know what it means. Define the I? I’m not the same person i was 20 years ago. On close introspection find that I is the groundstuff on which experience and memory are collected. The feeling of i or amness is the feeling of consciousness. The I is not a thing! So we are consciousness! Nothing else.

If I penetrate to the depths of my own existence, to the indefinable am that is myself in its deepest roots, then through this deep centre i pass into the infinite i am, which is the very nature of the almighty :- Thomas Merton –

“I am” is the name of god
God is none other than the self
This is where we connect with the mind. This is our independence & freedom
This is the source of everything.
(Not i am god, because people in general can’t understand a single world in that sentence)
If you round the world saying i am god you will end up in a mental institution or being killed. If you go round the world saying YOU are god then people will flock to you & we will begin to understand the world. People misunderstand mystics, experience, the deep sense of amness is what we call god. Through mediation the qualities that start arising are the qualities, that we ascribe to with god, the deep peace, the open heart,, knowing love, god is light, the light of consciousness, the manifestation of consciousness. the god is everything.

God sleeps in the rock,
dreams in the plant,
Stirs in the animal……
and awakens in the man

Ben al’Arabi

This is the time of awakening of consciousness.


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