Psychedelic Therapy 101 with Dr Friederike Meckel Fischer


Medical doctor and psychotherapist Dr Friederike Meckel Fischer discusses the psychedelic experience, therapeutic techniques and benefits. Giving descriptions of specific psychedelic medicines used as allies in the psychotherapy practice she ran many years ago. She also covers other holistic methods such as holotropic breathwork, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and hypnotherapy.

In this interview, Friederike shares insights on the psyche as well as the nature and origin of trauma and the limitations of modern conventional medicine and psychology in dealing with these issues.

Friederike was born in Germany in 1947 and lived in the USA from 1970-1974. She began her career in healthcare as a nurse, then later graduated from medical school to become a doctor specializing in psychotherapy. Several years later Friederike became somewhat disgruntled by the limitations of modern medicine in treating mental health and addiction. The led her to train in Holotropic breathwork under Stanislav Grof and psycholytic therapy with Samuel Widmer. Since 1994 she has been living in Zurich where she conducted psychedelic therapy groups for a number of years.

Here is a link to her seminal book:-
Therapy with Substance. Psycholytic psychotherapy in the twenty first century. By Dr Friederike Meckel Fischer with Foreword by Stanislav Grof


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