Josh Whiton – Eco-Tech Entrepreneur | Newtonian Shamanics #24


Founder of TransLoc, Urban Agriculturalist & Ecological Activist.

His latest project Makesoil is a global community initiative to match people who make soil at home with neighbors who contribute their food scraps and waste. Thus turning Human waste into fertile soil.

Josh Whiton is an eco-tech entrepreneur and enlightenment explorer. He manages and directs several companies, projects, and interventions that are helping shape the future of technology, the environment, and human consciousness.

He founded the transit-tech company TransLoc, for which he was named a ‘Champion of Change’ by the White House. TransLoc was number 5 on Fast Company’s 2017 list of the most innovative companies in transportation, right alongside Uber and Tesla, and was recently acquired by the Ford Motor Company. TransLoc aims to evolve public transport and can enhance the transit systems of cities, universities, hospitals, airports, and corporations, getting cars off the road and reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants.

Josh also co-founded Raleigh City Farm, one of the first urban farms in the southeastern United States, helping thousands of people each year to participate in a more beautiful food system. His latest project is, a company devoted to turning organic waste into fertile soul through organised and conscientious community collaboration.


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